Cheater Persimmon Coconut Yogurt

A perfect Fall treat, and one that the babies and kids will love. I made this yogurt for my 11 month old son since we had run out of his usual sheep’s milk yogurt (which I have mixed fresh persimmon pulp into in the past). But it’s super simple, yummy, and there is no fancy store bought yogurt maker needed.

First off, procure your persimmons. This might be an easy thing to do depending on where you live, but here on the west coast, in Northern California, many people have persimmon trees in their yards. They are beautiful trees and usually grow one of two kinds of persimmons: Fuyu or Hachiya. Fuyu are more squat than round, and ripen quicker (they just need to be a bit soft, like a ripe pear, for you to enjoy their sweet flesh, eaten like an apple, skin and all). Hachiya’s are tricky; this is the variety that you have to be more careful with when it comes to ripeness. They are taller and more of a rounded heart shape with a pointed end. They are not ripe unless they are extremely soft and pillowy to the touch. The skin can break very easily and can let pulp ooze out very quickly if you don’t process them or eat them right away upon ripening. Here are two videos, one of how ripe a Hachiya must be to use it for cooking and another shows me blending the pulp and skin into pure persimmon liquified gold!

Many people make persimmons cookies or persimmon pudding; delicious for the holidays. I find that the actual taste of the persimmon is lost is some baked goods since too much sugar is added and, arguably, not enough actual persimmon is added to the recipe for you to even differentiate the persimmon taste from just a sweet taste. But persimmon pudding, in all of it’s buttery, sugary and boozy goodness, is delectable. Now for the yogurt…

We will be using the pulp (skin included) of the Hachiya persimmon for this yogurt, because it is so sweet and has the texture of jelly. You don’t need much of it to make something taste very sweet and fruity.

Blend together the coconut milk, persimmon pulp and probiotic powder. Eat right away, or store in fridge and let thicken a bit. Either way, you have yogurt.

Now you can say you made your own yogurt! Embrace your probiotics.