Programs & Services
  • Health History Interview
    20 Minutes, Free of Charge
    I will actively listen to your health concerns and outline how we might shape a program around your specific wants, needs and preferences, as we learn what makes you tick. I’ll guide you through read more... the next steps we will take together to achieve your health goals, and choose whether the six or twelve month program is best for you.

    I have had success with the following health conditions and concerns:

    • Weight management
    • Digestive distress: acid reflux, indigestion, bloating
    • Pain management
    • Lupus
    • Nutrition for the athlete in training
    • Food sensitivities and allergies (gluten, dairy, egg, soy, corn)
    • Celiac disease
    • Nutrition essentials for vegan or vegetarian lifestyles
    • Hypoglycemia
    • Cooking and Food Preparation Skills and Tools
    • Menu Planning
    • Pantry Makeover
  • Your Embraceable Program
    6 or 12 Months
    I will provide you with recipes, comprehensive menu plans, personalized educational handouts, pantry lists, not to mention support and an active ear, throughout our time together. Let’s uncover the read more... favorite foods you never knew you had! This isn’t about taking away or eating less, but about adding in more nutrient-rich calories. I work with you to transform your relationship with food by providing customized, fun, educational, and delicious health programs, supporting you as you make incremental steps towards new habits, resulting in lasting changes. This program includes:

    • 6 or 12 monthly 60-minute sessions (in person preferred, by phone or Skype is an option)
    • Personalized recipes, menu plans, food samples, solutions for food sensitivities and allergies, digestive distress, weight loss and/or pain management
    • Pantry walk-through, food store tour with pantry list, cooking demonstrations
    • Cleanse and detox programs
    • Additional health and wellness recommendations tailored to your bio-individuality
    • A patient, compassionate, and present support system
    • Email support between sessions
    • Access to my informative blog postings and ebooks (coming soon!)
  • The Check-Up
    One Hour

    If we’ve finished a program together, but you LOVE being held accountable for staying on track with your new healthful lifestyle. We can check-in to brush up on all things new in the health and read more... wellness world.


  • The Online Clean Eating Circle
    21 Days

    This 3 week program is designed to help you gain energy, lose foods that aren’t serving you and give your body a break from fatigue, fuzziness and feeling flustered. read more... The Online Clean Eating Circle will help clean out the cobwebs and give your body a rest from foods that aren’t serving you. This program is on-going, with a free information conference call to provide you with more details. Visit the Circle webpage here:

    color wheel

    • Give your body a break. We will meet you where you are!
    • Embark on a fresh, new journey while gaining knowledge about what triggers your body, the best foods for you personally, and how to feel confident in your food choices
    • Gain nutrient density and lose some excess weight and inflammation
    • Get group support lead by two nutrition professionals
    • Enjoy eating real food while cleansing your body
    • No starving on this plan! And no expensive supplements or powders.

    Mark your calendar for Monday, August 4 at 8 a.m. PDT
    or calling in to (425) 440-5100 (guest pin code 668587#)
    Your Clean Eating Circle Supporters:
    Michelle Dwyer supports her clients through compassionate health coaching and nutrition consulting services. She helps her clients feel a greater sense of wellness, vibrancy, and energy.
    Amy Griffith shows her clients how to love their food while still eating healthful, nourishing meals. She helps her clients fix their food first!
    Visit for details.
A La Carte
  • Love Your Kitchen
    Two Hours, Includes Ingredients
    Unwrap those pots and pans that haven’t seen the light of day…and have fun doing it. You will soon be preparing delicious, seasonal dishes for yourself, friends and family that everyone will read more... love. We’ll cover my approach to selecting high quality ingredients, planning a menu, preparing the food, seasoning with healthful condiments, and serving it with gratitude. Menus will change with the season and are customized for your dietary needs (e.g., gluten or dairy free, vegan, etc.).

  • Pantry Walk Through and Food Store Tour
    Two Hours
    We all fall into routines and rely on default recipes that may or may not be serving our health or our tastes. We will go through your pantry and fridge to see where simple changes can be made to eat read more... for better health. That same day we will visit a local grocery where I will provide an easily adopted pantry list of suggested foods, food products, and brands to try out on future shopping trips. No need to make purchases on this day – small, slow changes make for large results, so take your time. You’ll find shopping for nourishing food to be fun and easy, and you won’t have to eat that ho-hum casserole four days in a row any longer. 

  • What's on the Menu?
    Two Hours
    Let’s take inventory of some of your favorite foods and recipes, throw in a few new suggestions and items to try out, and create a healthful, delicious array of menu options to have for years to read more... come. We will design a flexible and fresh 7-day menu plan that caters to your cooking experience and specific nutritional needs and preferences. This plan includes a pantry list, suggested kitchen tools to purchase (totally optional), and recipes from my kitchen or other trusted sources. Doesn’t look like there is anything in the fridge? We can create flavorful meal options using seemingly mundane ingredients left over from that labor-intensive birthday meal you cooked last week. 

  • Let's Clean House
    Two hours
    Sometimes we get mega headaches when we clean the bathroom or kitchen. Little do we realize that our cleaning products, despite their ability to clean off soap scum, might be mucking up our bodies read more... along the way. We will take a look at your lotions, potions, air fresheners, hair dyes, cleaning products, makeup, and other products that you may have questions about and provide you with alternatives that may make you feel better and even improve your mood or complexion. Less can definitely mean more…clean air, that is.

  • Digestion Package: You Are What You Absorb
    6 or 12 Months
    We will work together to find relief from such digestive issues as  food allergies and intolerances, celiac disease, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), ulcerative colitis, GERD (acid reflux), Crohn’s read more... disease, low stomach acid, small intestine bacteria SIBO.

    If you aren’t sure that you have any of these conditions, I can support you in identifying some common symptoms of digestive distress and what might be causing them. Some of these symptoms include constipation (inability to eliminate 1-3x’s daily) or diarrhea, gas or bloating, acid reflux or chronic pain in the stomach or lower intestinal areas of the body, irritability, anxiety or fatigue.

    We will use foods as healing agents to nourish and regulate, devising a personalized plan to welcome better options in to drown out the choices that aren’t serving you. We will target nutrient deficiencies that might be keeping your from living your best life, and you will receive handouts, nutrition education, recipes, supplement suggestions and additional resources to empower you to move forward.  Think ultimate deprivation is part of the plan? No way! You will be able to have your cake and eat it too; finding different ways to eat your favorite foods is one of our priorities.

    You are what you assimilate or absorb, not what you eat.

  • Get Fit, Lose Fat, Eat Lots! Group Program
    Starting January 14th!
    Sign up to change your life! In collaboration with Coach Stephanie Atwood of, we will be leading our fourth 6-week program of meeting nutrition with exercise to support metabolic read more... efficiency. This program is for anyone who wants an easy transition into eating whole foods for weight management, designed to eat and exercise to use fat more effectively for energy and weight loss.

    Get Fit, Lose Fat, Eat Lots! is a 6 Week Program that will teach you how to change from using carbohydrate as your main energy source to accessing and activating more of the fat stored in your bodies as a primary source of energy.

    Sign up for our free info meeting on January 14th, 2014:

  • A Day in Your Life...Coming Soon!