A Hearty Breakfast in 5 Minutes. Seriously.

walnut muffin bf

Breakfast can be tough. It has been hard for me lately because eggs used to be a staple for me: the perfect food with nutrients like omega 3 fatty acids, choline, selenium and biotin, not to mention a perfect combo of protein in the white and healthy cholesterol in the yolk. But I can’t eat them anymore – all bad things happen, I will just leave it at that. I was eating a lot of eggs, and I think became pretty intolerant.

So…I made egg free muffins ahead of time yesterday to toast and serve with coconut milk and blueberries this morning. This is a great way to plan ahead and set yourself up for a filling and satisfying breakfast. I found this recipe that sounded delicious and filling, with a base of fresh almond meal made from raw almonds and lots of banana goodness. I added ground clove, cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg, because I love that combo of spices. Want a new breakfast challenge? Make the muffins ahead, maybe on a Sunday afternoon, and have for the rest of the week, freeze the muffins you don’t eat right away and feel good that you thought ahead!

To serve, I sliced a muffin in half, toasted in the toaster oven, smothered in ghee, added blueberries (in season, they aren’t very expensive – even the organic ones) and coconut milk. A nice yogurt would also be an awesome addition of more protein to the mix.

Embrace breakfast!


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